How to take advantage of National Nonprofit Day 2021

National Nonprofit Day is right around the corner. Read this blog post to learn how your organization can make the most of this day!


How did National Nonprofit Day get started? How should nonprofit organizations take part in this day? How can donors participate?

All these questions and more are answered in this post!

Quick facts about National Nonprofit Day

Quick facts about National Nonprofit Day

What is National Nonprofit Day?

National Nonprofit Day is a day to celebrate nonprofit organizations across the world.

What day is National Nonprofit Day? 

National Nonprofit Day is on August 17, 2021.

What year was National Nonprofit Day started?

National Nonprofit Day was technically started in 2017, but has roots back to the late 1800s.

What is the history of National Nonprofit Day?

National Nonprofit Day has roots back to 1894, when the United States Congress passed the Tariff Act on August 17th that effectively allowed nonprofit and charitable organizations to be exempt from paying taxes.

What started National Nonprofit Day?

Sherita J. Herring is credited for founding this day, giving a nod back to the historic day when the Tariff Act was passed.

Two ways to take advantage of National Nonprofit Day

National Nonprofit is a day that comes around every year. It’s a day for everyone to take time to celebrate nonprofit organizations and the good work they’re doing around the world. 

There are two main ways you can take advantage of this special day. The first way is to promote the day to your donors and invite them to give to your organization. 

The second way is to celebrate the day! This is a wonderful day that commemorates the passion that nonprofits have for making a difference in the world.

How to promote National Nonprofit Day

How to promote National Nonprofit Day

Launch a fundraising campaign

Promote National Nonprofit Day by launching a themed fundraising campaign around the day.

Use messages that mention the day and drive donations. You could even invite your donors to give an amount based on the year. For example, you could say, “Join us in celebrating National Nonprofit Day 2021 by making a special donation of $20.21 to our organization!” 

Make sure you use social media to promote your fundraising campaign. This is the primary way people will learn about the day and your organization, so be sure to include your organization in the conversation! Remember to include the hashtag #NationalNonprofitDay to bring awareness to your organization.

It’s important to make sure your online donation pages are updated and ready for web traffic. Make sure the donation page is optimized for mobile, updated with your newest copy, and includes information about #NationalNonprofitDay. Not sure where to start? We have a straightforward blog post that tells you exactly how to optimize your donation page. Check it out here!

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Host a fundraising event

Take full advantage of National Nonprofit Day by hosting a fundraising event. This could be a gala, a special dinner, an outdoor event, or something else.

We have lists of fundraising ideas for nonprofits here and fundraising ideas for schools here that you can draw inspiration from.

The key with a fundraising event is to tie National Nonprofit Day into the event’s theme. This will motivate your supporters to give a special donation for this special day.

How to celebrate National Nonprofit Day

How to celebrate National Nonprofit Day

Say thank you to your donors

National Nonprofit Day is the perfect day to give a special thank you to your donors. Every dollar counts, so say thank you to ALL of your donors.

Donors are the backbone of nonprofits, so make them feel appreciated. Show gratitude and it will go a long way in developing a more personal relationship with your donors.

Give special recognition to your volunteers

Whether it’s a simple thank you email, a written appreciation letter, or a more tangible form of gratitude (like a nice meal), make sure you thank your volunteers.

They need to know how much you appreciate their hard work that they put into your organization day in and out. National Nonprofit Day is the perfect time to make them feel special!

Share success stories

This is a great day to show the impact that your nonprofit is making.

Highlight the people who benefit from your organization by sharing success stories and testimonials. This will inspire donors to give more, while motivating your volunteers to continue to advocate for your organization's mission.

Remember, donors are interested in the impact that their donations make, so use National Nonprofit Day to remind everyone about your organization’s great work.


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