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Impactful, Permanently Remote Work at Anedot.

If you are...

  • adaptable, flexible, and coachable,
  • a good listener,
  • a quick thinker,
  • detail oriented,
  • excellent documenter,
  • relationship builder,
  • a natural problem-solver confident in troubleshooting and investigating if you don't have enough information to solve customer issues,
  • adaptable to the ever-changing needs of customers,
  • a fast-worker able to quickly and effectively to respond to customer requests,

and you enjoy...

  • researching and gathering information for informed decisions,
  • solving problems,
  • wowing people with excellent service,
  • helping people and serving as a customer advocate,
  • (or have an interest in) serving campaigns, churches, ministries, nonprofits, and schools

then keep reading.


Account Specialists contributes to Anedot's Operations by working on the Accounts team.

  • Operations (Finance, Service, Accounts, People, Legal)
  • Growth (Content, Success)
  • Product (Service & Integrations, DevOps & Financial Payment Ops, Features & Projects, Core UI & Components)

Account Specialists are currently led by the Vice President, but will eventually be led by the Account Risk Manager/Director of Accounts.

What You'll Need to be Successful in this Role

  • Genuine excitement to help our customers with patience, empathy, and passion
  • Experience in new customer onboarding programs
  • Experience in providing support to existing customers
  • Experience in relaying product/services information
  • Experience resolving any emerging problems that customers might face with accuracy and efficiency
  • Excellent communication (and active listening)
  • Efficient prioritization and time management of chat, email, and phone calls
  • Adaptive response and handling of all types of people (including difficult ones) in a positive way
  • Curious to find solutions on your own and coachable to learn from others

What Success Looks Like in this Role

  1. Creating new files for incoming account applications
  2. Assisting underwriters with pending account applications
  3. Educating in the areas of required underwriting information, security protocols relative to user access levels, financial responsibility of account and Principal user
  4. Making outgoing calls in response to new customer applications and fully documenting call with specific information
  5. Taking incoming calls and documenting answer to predetermined underwriting questions
  6. Entering notes of conversations into an internal data management platform
  7. Helping the Director of Accounts with other tasks, as needed

How We Measure Success in this Role

  • Quantity and accuracy of customer resolutions
  • Net Productivity (does the candidate add work for other people, excluding initial coaching or on-going learnings from others; ie. it is cool to ask for help and learn but when you ask someone else the same thing over and over again we might start wondering why that hasn't become "learned")
  • Communication, teamwork, documentation, and completeness of work
  • Annual Check-In
  • Periodic informal feedback and review of work

Technical Info

  • Use of the Anedot platform
  • Hubspot

Company values

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Terms of Employment at Anedot

  • Full-time, exempt
  • Permanently remote
  • At-will employment

Please note that we’re unable to offer individual feedback during the screening process. Our hiring team simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to offer personalized feedback before the interview stage.

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