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Meaningful work for good causes at Anedot.

If you are a fast-learning, self-managing, over achieving customer hero who is great at project scoping, saying no gently, and motivating people to ship quality code under budget and on time and who enjoys creating beautiful products that delight customers by solving their pain points in meaningful ways then keep reading.


Product Managers contribute to Anedot's Product Team by working on the Product Management team.

  • Operations (Accounting & Reporting, Service, Accounts)
  • Growth (Marketing, Success, Special Projects)
  • Product (Service & Integrations, DevOps & FinanceOps, Features & Projects, Core UI)
  • PeopleOps

Product Managers are supervised by the Director of Engineering and work very closely with our CEO on prioritization and long-term vision.

Tasks and responsibilities

  1. Plan product delivery based on prioritization from our CEO and Director of Engineering.
  2. Master tasks across software projects while motivating and keeping software deliverables on time and in budget.
  3. Gather feedback from various stakeholders and scope projects to ensure we are shipping what we need to ship when we need to ship it.
  4. Manage expectations of stakeholders to keep everyone happy.
  5. Report project(s) status toward goals to CEO on a weekly basis.

Required skills and experience

  • General programming experience preferably direct knowledge of Ruby on Rails and/or React
  • 4 years product management experience shipping software products
  • Expert task/time management
  • Servant leadership with deep amount of patience and empathy
  • Communication, critical thinking, self-management, and risk management
  • Flexibility with preference for shipping great quality on time versus perfect quality late
  • Agile “enough” project management who doesn’t care for bureaucracy

Methods of evaluation

  • Annual Check-In
  • Periodic informal feedback and review of work

Technical info

  • ClickUp (Project Management)
  • Javascript (React)
  • Ruby (Rails)
  • Postgres
  • GitHub
  • AWS Cloud platform
  • Kubernetes
  • Sidekiq Enterprise for workers/jobs/queues
  • Testing tools/frameworks
  • TravisCI
  • Jest
  • Cypress
  • GitHub Actions

Company values

See our careers page for more information.


See our careers page for perks and benefits information.

Terms of employment at Anedot

  • Full-time
  • Permanently remote (for the past 10+ years)
  • At-will employment
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