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Accounts, Service, and QA

You enjoy solving problems and wowing people with excellent service. You are able to adapt to ever-changing needs of customers and are able to work quickly and effectively respond to customer requests. You are a self-starter that anticipates needs. You have an interest in serving churches and ministries, universities, colleges, and schools, nonprofits, and political campaigns.

We believe that happy people produce better results for themselves and the collective team. We believe and value empowering people to work on something they enjoy — thus applicants likely would want to have an interest in serving our specific customer base outlined above.

We pay well and expect each member to pull her/his own weight. We work long hours, but we believe in ample rest and recovery. We value creating a lasting impact rather than short-sighted gains. We value fit over technical knowledge, loyalty over experience, and results over talk. We’re looking for folks who like to interact with (sometimes difficult) people and want to be a part of a team impacting millions of people per year. All positions are remote. Each position requires someone who is adaptable, flexible, and coachable.

If you believe you would be a great addition to our team and want to join a team with whom you can learn, have fun, and grow, please keep reading.

We are looking for a full-time, remote, customer-oriented Anedot Relationship Manager (ARM). Our ARMs answer phones, emails, and chats helping onboarding new customers, monitoring and supporting existing accounts, and resolve any emerging problems that our customer accounts might face with accuracy and efficiency. ARMs are genuinely excited to help our customers with patience, empathy, and passion. ARMs are able to de-escalate situations by phone and message and divert to the appropriate team member when necessary.

ARMs love to help people and can help people be happy with undesired outcomes. ARMs are analytical and can research and gather information. Customer feedback is priceless, and our ARMs are good listeners gathering invaluable information to support product improvement. Problem-solving also comes naturally to ARMs. They are confident at troubleshooting and investigate if they don’t have enough information to resolve customer issues.

We are a team of fast learners who rapidly adapt as situations change. We love learning and ask lots of questions because of our curiosity and desire to make things that are meaningful. If this doesn't sound like you, that's ok — this probably isn't a good fit.

5 tasks and responsibilities

  1. Manage large amounts of incoming phone calls related to new applications, as well as chats and emails
  2. Identify and assess risk associated with Potential Customers
  3. Build sustainable relationships and trust with customers and prospective customers through open and interactive communication
  4. Handle customer issues, provide appropriate solutions and alternatives within the time limits; follow up to ensure resolution
  5. Keep detailed records of customer interactions and process customer account applications

4 skills and experience an ARM must have

  1. Excellent communication (and active listening)
  2. Efficient prioritization and time management of chat, email, and phone calls
  3. Adaptive response and handling of all types of people (including difficult ones) in a positive way
  4. Curious to find solutions on your own and coachable to learn from others

3 ways the candidate will be evaluated

  1. Quantity and Accuracy of Customer Resolutions
  2. Net Productivity (does the candidate add work for other people, excluding initial coaching or on-going learnings from others; ie. it is cool to ask for help and to learn but when you ask someone else the same thing over and over again we might start wondering why that hasn’t become “learned”)
  3. Communication, teamwork, documentation, and completeness of work; aka "responsible and cool to work with" (peer review)


  • Competitive full-time salary
  • Flexible PTO
  • Remote work (preferred states: CA, FL, LA, MD, TX, OH, or WA)
  • Monthly health allowance
  • Monthly fitness allowance
  • Monthly wellness allowance
  • Monthly internet allowance
  • Annual curiosity allowance
  • Annual CSA allowance
  • Home-office allowance
  • 401k plan available


ARMs work on our Service team as part of the Operations team.

  • Operations (Accounts, Finance, Service)
  • Product (Design, DevOps, Engineering )
  • Growth (Marketing, Outreach, Success)

Company values

We're rooted in Southern Louisiana but operate as a remote-first company that supports our team living in Texas, California, Washington, Ohio, Maryland, and Florida. We've got an old fashioned commitment to honor and excellence in what we do, and our customer-first hospitality is described as welcoming, courteous, helpful, respectful, and kind. We're the type of people whom you count on to do what is right and have your back.

Read more about Anedot on our Main Careers Portal.

If you do not respond to ALL questions, you will not be considered. When responding to annual salary, please do not put an hourly rate.

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