Underwriting Manager

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Impactful, Permanently Remote Work at Anedot.

If you are...

  • a self-motivated problem solver in Louisiana, Texas, California, Washington (state), Ohio, or Florida

and you enjoy...

  • financial analysis
  • working from home
  • (or have an interest in) serving campaigns, churches, ministries, nonprofits, and schools

then keep reading.


The Underwriting Manager contributes to Anedot's Operations by working on the Finance team.

  • Operations (Finance, Service, Accounts, People, Legal)
  • Growth (Content, Success)
  • Product (Service & Integrations, DevOps & Financial Payment Ops, Features & Projects, Core UI & Components)

The Underwriting Manager is led by the Vice President, Finance and the Vice President.

What You'll Need to be Successful in this Role

  • 5-10 years of relevant experience, preferably at a small bank or credit union, including: financial analysis, personnel management; account review; and process enhancement
  • Proficiency with Excel
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • CAMS certification preferred
  • Experience with political campaigns preferred

What Success Looks Like in this Role

  1. Lead the Underwriting team
  2. Support Underwriting team in daily operations
  3. Review financial risk of select new customers as requested by Underwriting team
  4. BSA/AML compliance
  5. Develop or revise policies and procedures as needed
  6. Conduct quality control reviews
  7. KYC specialist
  8. Ensure that Anedot is adhering to FinCEN beneficial owner requirement
  9. Coordinate with team to respond to government and/or law enforcement requests

How We Measure Success in this Role

  • Annual Check-In
  • Periodic informal feedback and review of work

Company values

See our careers page for more information.


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Terms of Employment at Anedot

  • Full-time, exempt
  • Permanently remote
  • At-will employment

Please note that we’re unable to offer individual feedback during the screening process. Our hiring team simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to offer personalized feedback before the interview stage.

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