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3 reasons why nonprofits choose
Anedot as an alternative to Venmo

Unlimited branded donation pages

Money can be sent quickly with Venmo, but it's done in an inflexible, disorganized format.

What if you need to collect a specific piece of information for contributions? What if you need to track donations for a specific initiative separately?

Anedot donation pages are both easy to use and flexible. Our drag and drop page builder allows you to easily collect information and raise more money.


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Annual donor tax statements

At the end of the year, most donors want a statement that shows them their tax-deductible contributions.

With Venmo, there's no easy way to separate payments between individuals, nonprofits, and businesses.

With Anedot, you have a simple and easy way to send donor tax statements.

Anedot transaction summary report
Anedot transaction details report
Anedot donation summary report

Recurring transactions

Anedot is built for recurring transactions. This extends to the donation pages, card updater, and upgrades.

Anedot makes it easier to build monthly membership programs for your organization. This functionality is not available with Venmo.


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Anedot vs. Venmo

What sets Anedot apart as a Venmo alternative?

Venmo is built for individuals to send money to one another. However, there are several reasons why not-for-profit organizations like 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4)s, and political organizations choose Anedot as an alternative to Venmo.
No Monthly Fees
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Donor Tax Statements
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Donor Covers Fees
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Lead Generation Forms
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Unlimited Donation Pages
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