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Anedot makes it easy for supporters to donate with their preferred payment method in seconds.

No more clunky forms. No more losing donations. Fundraising campaigns never looked better.

✓ Increase donations with recurring giving options
✓ Cut costs by letting donors cover the fees
✓ Provide supporters with flexible payment options including credit/debit card, bank draft, PayPal, and Apple Pay

Anedot donation form
Anedot lead generation for schools and universities

Grow your network of supporters

Get more fundraising prospects with Action Pages. You can create beautiful, responsive landing pages without ever touching code. Customize and launch unlimited high-conversion pages in minutes.

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Upgrade your security

The most important thing you can do for your donors is protect their data.

We use industry-leading technology to keep donor data safe and secure. When you’re with Anedot, you can rest easy and focus on fundraising.

Anedot is a privacy focused online giving platform
Anedot multiple funds form for schools and universities

A fund for every project

Let your supporters donate to the project of their choice. You can include multiple funds on one donation page.

Fundraise for your annual fundraising event, alumni association, and general donations all on one page.

Anedot multiple bank accounts feature icon

Multiple bank accounts

Multiple bank accounts? No problem. Deposit donations directly into any bank accounts you use.
Anedot automated email receipts feature icon

Automated email receipts

Create custom thank you emails that automatically send to your donors as soon as they donate.
Donor covers fees feature icon

Donor can cover fees

Save even more money by giving your donors the option to cover the processing fees.
Credit card updater feature icon

Credit card updater

Stop losing recurring donations due to expired credit cards. Our credit card updater keeps cards up to date automatically!
Anedot award winning service icon

Award-winning service

We’ve got an old-fashioned commitment to serving others. Our US-based customer service team is always here to help.
Text bubble icon to represent text to give feature

QR codes and text to give

Donors can make instant donations with QR codes and text to give. Every Anedot customer gets these features completely free. No strings attached.
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Integrate directly with dozens of marketing, fundraising, and accounting apps. We can also connect with hundreds of other apps with webhooks and Zapier.
Anedot flexible payment options feature icon

Flexible payment options

Supporters can donate with the payment method that is best for them. We support credit or debit cards, bank draft, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Anedot action recovery feature icon

Action Recovery

Automatically send an email to supporters who partially fill out a form, but don’t click submit. Increase conversions and stop losing potential donors.

Increase your monthly donations

We’ve developed the simplest way to increase the most donations. It’s called Upsells. Upsells allow you to prompt your donors to take a specific action after they make a donation.

An average of 13% of donors will take that additional action!

Recurring upsells

Our most popular type of Upsell is the recurring Upsell.

When enabled, your donor will be asked if they’d like to make their donation on a recurring basis, rather than a single time.
Anedot upsell form for schools and universitiesAnedot recurring upsell form

Cross sells

Cross sells are perfect for universities with related organizations such as their foundation or alumni organization.

After your donor completes their donation, they will be asked if they’d like to also contribute to the other organization. The best part is that the second part of the donation is processed with a single click.
Anedot upsell form for schools and universitiesAnedot cross sell form for schools and universities
Anedot tandem pages feature for schools and universities

Teamwork makes the dream work

Fundraise with related organizations on the same donation page.

Split donations by percentage and contributions will be portioned automatically and deposited into the respective bank accounts.


Trusted by more than 20,000 schools, churches, campaigns, and nonprofits

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No more monthly fees

Our pricing is straight-forward and transparent. We only collect a small percentage of what you raise.

No monthly fees, no sign up fees, and never any hidden fees.


Credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal:
3.3% + 30¢
ACH/bank draft: 0.3% + 30¢

Fast and friendly support team
Free text to give
Quick and easy setup
Donor covers the fees

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Using Anedot means that you can use beautiful forms, create effective fundraising campaigns, and focus on cultivating donor relationships.
Diane W.
5 blue review stars
Cameron H. avatar
Anedot is user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and flexible for any budget size! The staff are all very helpful and they are quick with all they do!
Cameron H.
5 blue review stars
Christopher B. avatar
The upsell and donor recovery features alone make it worth any higher cost than using Paypal. You will make more money by converting at a higher rate.
Christopher B.
5 blue review stars
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