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Online fundraising

Increase donations for your educational institution

Anedot makes it easy for supporters to donate with their preferred payment method in seconds. No more clunky forms. No more losing donations. Fundraising campaigns never looked better.

Increase donations with recurring giving options
Cut costs by letting donors cover the fees
Provide flexible payment options: credit/debit cards, bank draft, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Bitcoin
Use Action Pages to get more fundraising prospects

Action Pages

Build high-conversion giving pages quickly with no code. Donors can give with one click from any device. Anedot increases donation conversions.
Education Action Page Builder Example on Mobile and Desktop
Ascent Classical Foundation Action Page Builder Example on Mobile and Desktop
RTS Action Page Builder Example on Mobile and Desktop

Donation Platform and Payment Processor

We are both a donation platform and payment processor. No need to sign-up for third-party processors or merchant accounts. We are an end-to-end donation solution for your organization.
Anedot Transactions ViewAnedot Transactions View


After supporters make a donation, encourage recurring gifts and support by applying Pre-Conversion and Post-Conversion Upgrades to your donation pages.
Upgrades Example For EducationUpgrades Example For Education

Donor Portal

Let supporters manage their donations, commitments, payment methods, and contact information using a self-service donor portal.
Donor Dashboard ExampleDonor Dashboard Example

Virtual Terminal

Securely enter donations made offline without worrying about donor data saving to your web browser.
Virtual Terminal Example For EducationVirtual Terminal Example For Education

Express Payments

Accept donations effortlessly with Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Bitcoin.
Express Payments - Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, BitcoinExpress Payments - Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Bitcoin

Donor Pays Fees

Receive 100% of your supporter’s gift by providing your supporters the option to cover the fees.
Donor Pays Fees Example For EducationDonor Pays Fees Example For Education
Customer Support Icon

Customer Support

If you need assistance with anything, our U.S.-based support team is always here to help.
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Action Pages Icon

Action Pages

Build beautiful high-conversion giving and lead pages quickly without code.
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Donor Covers Fees Icon

Donor Covers Fees

Give your supporters the option to cover the processing costs.
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QR Code Generator Icon

QR Code Generator

Share your Action Pages with our free QR code generator.
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Multiple Funds Icon

Multiple Funds

Set up multiple funds on one donation page so that your supporters can donate to the project of their choice.
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Abandoned Actions Icon

Abandoned Actions

Automatically send a reminder email to supporters who don’t complete an Anedot form.
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Exit Intent Popups Icon

Exit Intent Popups

Automatically display a customizable call-to-action when visitors attempt to leave page.
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Integrations Icon


We provide dozens of integrations with apps such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zapier, and more!
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Give Via Check Icon

Give Via Check

Givers can make gifts via physical checks. Process physical checks through our platform using ACH transactions.
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CRM Integrations Icon

CRM Integrations

Connect Anedot to your CRM to send data instantaneously.
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Scheduled and Manual Deposits Icon

Scheduled and Manual Deposits

Schedule or manually send deposits to your bank account.
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Flexible Payment Options Icon

Flexible Payment Options

Make giving easy. Accept credit or debit cards, bank draft, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Bitcoin.
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Safe and Secure Icon

Safe and Secure

Anedot is protected by industry-leading security measures. Our team of security experts continually keep watch over the platform, ensuring the safety of your supporters’ data.
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Multiple Bank Accounts Icon

Multiple Bank Accounts

Connect multiple bank accounts to your Anedot account so that funds can be directed wherever you need them.
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Automated Email Receipts Icon

Automated Email Receipts

Thank your supporters with customized emails that are automatically sent as soon as they complete a form.
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Surveys Icon


Collect survey information and drive data-informed decisions.
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Virtual Terminal Icon

Virtual Terminal

Empower your team to enter donations for telemarketing, direct mail caging, and more.
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Data Exporting Icon

Data Exporting

Collect and export any data you need in a variety of formats.
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Upgrades Icon


Seamlessly expand your membership programs and move supporters through the funnel.
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Donor Support Icon

Donor Support

An extension of your team, Anedot provides U.S.-based personalized support for your donors.
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User Permissionins Icon

User Permissions

Grant personalized user permissions to your team based on role and page.
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International Donations Icon

International Donations

Whether your supporter lives in the United States, Canada, Europe, or Asia, you can collect donations without hassle.
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Scalability Icon


Effortlessly handle large volumes of giving without slowdowns or crashes.
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Custom Domain Icon

Custom Domains

Serve Action Pages from your own domain.
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Tandem Icon


Partner with other organizations to raise money together on one Action Page.
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Language Support Icon

Language Support

Support your Spanish-speaking donors on your Action Pages.
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CMS Support Icon

CMS Support

Use Anedot seamlessly with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and more!
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Compliance Friendly Icon

Compliance Friendly

Compliance professionals prefer Anedot for our data exports and integrations.
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Petitions Icon


Create a powerful online petition in just a few minutes and build a community for the change you want to make.
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Credit Card Updater Icon

Credit Card Updater

When the credit card on a recurring commitment expires, our tool will automatically update the credit card information.
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Annual Donor Statements Icon

Annual Donor Statements

Easily send annual donor statements to your supporters.
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Future Pledge Icon

Future Pledge

Increase giving by asking donors to also give in the future.
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Gift of Any Amount Icon

Gift of Any Amount

Allow supporters to choose a gift with a one-time or recurring donation.
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Text to Give Icon

Text to Give

Supporters can make lightning-fast donations with text to give. Every Anedot customer gets this feature for free.
Donor Dashboard Icon


Gain immediate insights when you log-in to your account.

No more monthly fees

Our pricing is straight-forward and transparent. We only collect a small percentage of what you raise.

No monthly fees, no sign up fees, and never any hidden fees.
"Anedot's customer service has been thorough and professional. The platform is robust and the donation data is easy to download and search through. We look forward to being customers for years to come."
Ryan Nichols Headshot
Ryan Nichols
Vice President, Operations


Credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal: 3.3% + 30¢
Bitcoin: 1.0%
ACH/bank draft: 0.3% + 30¢
Fast and friendly support team
Free text to give
Quick and easy setup
Donor covers the fees
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Trusted by more than 30,000 schools, nonprofits, churches, and campaigns

A great fundraising experience. I really enjoy the software. It was simple to use and integrate into my social media and email accounts.
Bruce S.
Sustainability Coordinator
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Anedot is user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and flexible for any budget size! The staff are all very helpful and they are quick with all they do!
Cameron H.
Communications Associate
G2 Review Badge
The upsell and donor recovery features alone make it worth any higher cost than using Paypal. You will make more money by converting at a higher rate.
Christopher B.
G2 Review Badge
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