Your trust is our priority

Anedot is the only privacy-focused online fundraising platform

Let’s talk about privacy

Technology companies sell, swap, license, and abuse your personal information.

Privacy has become a big concern for many people, and rightly so. Your trust has been violated.

Anedot relentlessly protects your information because trust is important.

Trust is more than a feature at Anedot.

Privacy is woven into the fabric of our company culture. And trust is a central truth to how we grow and how we serve our customers.

We will never sell, swap, license, or use your personal information. Your trust is our priority.

Privacy is not about hiding something bad, it’s about protecting something important:
your personal information.


Our commitment to your privacy

When we started Anedot in 2010, we made the decision to build the platform with an emphasis on privacy. More than a decade later, we are at the forefront of privacy-focused technology.

Beyond the technology we use, we hold ourselves to this commitment to you and your donors:

We will never sell, swap, license, or use your personal information. Your information is safe with Anedot.

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Steps we take to protect your privacy


Privacy focused processes, software, and tools

Our team develops, reviews, audits, and tests code to protect data. We use best practices with strong encryption for personal information. We also choose peer-reviewed open-source software, libraries, and algorithms with proven security and reliability.


Our pledge to you

We make this pledge to every Anedot user: We will never sell your data, trade it with other organizations, or share it. Every Anedot team member affirms and is committed to our pledge.


Technology to guard and protect

Your data is safe with us. We use industry-leading technology to protect you and your donors. Donations are processed securely using encryption standards that meet or exceed PCI DSS standards.

Safeguards and certifications

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