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Available courses

Getting started with Anedot course

Getting started with Anedot

We will go into detail on how to:

1. Set up your account
2. Create and edit pages
3. Manage and export your data

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Using petitions to drive action course

Using petitions to drive action

This course consists of 3 modules:

1. Designing and building a petition
2. Direct outreach for petition signatures
3. How to promote your petition

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Digital organizing 101 course

Digital organizing 101

This course consists of 2 modules:

1. Digital organizing methods
2. The power of organizing

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Become a smarter fundraiser with Anedot Learn

How much does Anedot Learn cost?

Anedot Learn is completely free for Anedot customers. Our goal is to help you gain more knowledge and raise more money.

Why take an Anedot Learn course?

Whether you’re a fundraising pro, or just beginning, we have the course for you. Take an Anedot Learn course to understand how to use Anedot more efficiently. You’ll also pick up some fundraising tips and tricks along the way.

Do I get a certificate or proof of completion?

Yes. After completing each course and successfully passing the exam, you will receive a printable Anedot Learn certificate.