Keep brand identity consistent on Anedot

Serve Action Pages from your own domain.
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Custom URL and domain flexibility

Your Action Page URL can be,,, or anything else you choose!

Note: Our custom domain solution allows you to use both the Anedot URL and your own custom domain.

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Meta domain verification

Domain verification has become important to running Facebook and Instagram ads.

Our custom domain support makes it easy to track your conversions on Meta platforms!


Trusted by more than 30,000 nonprofits, schools, churches, and campaigns

I love the features and the customization. One reason I believe our giving increased when we switched from PayPal to Anedot is the fact that Anedot allowed us to carry our branding over to the giving platform, so you still feel like you are within our website. You have our logo, our colors, our campaign description, etc. I also love that the developers are continuing to enhance the product.
Brandon J.
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