Anedot Learn: July 2023 Product Update

In this Anedot Learn session, hear from our CEO, Paul Dietzel, about our July 2023 product updates.
Anedot Learn July 2023

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Hey, it's Paul, and this is Anedot Learn.

Dashboard: view the revenue chart as a bar graph

Today I'm going to tell you about a exciting update to the dashboard.

Don't worry. There's a lot more things coming in the months ahead.

On the dashboard, we have added the ability to see your revenue chart as a bar graph.

So in the past, we showed you a line graph. That's great. It looks pretty, but it's not as easy necessarily to show year over year or month to month growth.

And so with this update, by default, when you log into your account on the dashboard, you'll see a bar graph.

Now, if you want to go back to the line graph, you can just click the toggle and there it is.

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Upgrades: tips on how to effectively use the Upgrades feature

I wanted to bring up Upgrades again and kind of give you my professional opinion on how to think about them.

So an Upgrade is a pop-up or a call-to-action after somebody completes an Action Page.

Or maybe if you're using a pre-conversion recurring Upgrade, it actually pops up before we actually complete the gift on a page.

And so with the new Upgrade workflows where you can do post donation or post submission Upgrades, the way to think about it is that, you know, get really good at creating Action Pages.

Don't worry about, you know, oh, do I know how to make an Upgrade or anything like that, an Upgrade.

All it is, is another Action Page that once somebody completes a lead form or a donation form or whatever, we actually then will simplify that additional Action Page down to things that we haven't already collected on that user for you and present it as a one click Upgrade.

So once you really know how to build Action Pages, you can create the most complicated or imaginative Upgrades you could possibly think of.

And so whenever you're wanting to add an Upgrade workflow, the way to do it is to think, okay, what do I want to do? What's my outcome? What's the goal?

So let's say I want to do a post-conversion recurring Upgrade.

So I would go create an Action Page that only has the call-to-action that I'm trying to get across.

So I want to increase monthly giving. So I'll go create a Action Page with monthly as the only option and then streamline that down to only the information I really need to collect.

Also a note, name those Upgrades. So I generally will name an Upgrade as “Upgrade” and then what it is.

And then that way it's really easy when you come in here to the page that you're wanting to send to that upgrade.

Once somebody converts, you can just click on this list and you can find that Action Page in here to Upgrade to. And it makes it a lot easier if you can just type in upgrade and then you see all the different Upgrades.

You can also use our labels feature for that to kind of organize or group your Action Pages according to whether they're an Upgrade or they're just a regular page.

But I always think of the Upgrade first and build the different Upgrades that I want to build. And then I come back to the originating page, kind of the main page that I want to use, and I then add those upgrades into the page.

It just makes it a lot easier, a lot more streamlined rather than coming in here and adding stuff and then realizing, Oh, I need to go create some Upgrades.

So create the Action Page Upgrades first as brand new Action Pages, then come back in and create Upgrades that you can attach those pages to.

So that's today's Anedot Learn on Upgrades.

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Virtual Terminal: set donation dates

An update on Virtual Terminal went in over the past month and it gives you the ability to set a donation date.

So I'm here in Virtual Terminal and if I scroll down, I'll see another update that's kind of come out in the last month or so.

Not only can you add card and bank account, but you can also do what we would consider non-balance affecting.

So check, cash, in-kind, offline card that you've maybe processed elsewhere, but you want to track in Anedot.

So these don't impact your Anedot balance they're purely for informational purposes for tracking.

Or maybe you want to put them into Anedot to then send out to third party systems to keep everything in sync.

If you choose card or bank draft, you can then put a process date here that will make that charge in the future.

So let's say you have a donor, they want to make a donation, but you know, they told you that they don't want it to be charged until the first of next month.

You could simply come in here and choose the first of next month, and then that won't process that gift until that date. Same with bank draft.

Now, if you're using check, cash, in-kind, or offline card, you can use this same field to choose a date in the past. So that would be okay.

We collected this donation back in February. We just never added it to the system.

So now I can come and add that date here and that will set that as the date that you actually processed that contribution.

So that's the new update in Virtual Terminal for donation dates.

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Action Pages: Featured Amounts

So wanted to give a quick update on a new feature that we added into Action Page Builder.

This is similar to a feature that we had in campaigns, but a little bit different.

So you can already use URL parameters to preselect an amount on the page.

So if you add a question mark amount equals 50, it's going to go ahead and select that $50 amount whenever your supporter loads the page.

You can learn more about that in our Help Center. Search for URL Parameters.

But the update that I want to show you from this past month, you can actually set a call-to-action without selecting the amount.

You can just kind of highlight it right? So let's say I want to highlight 50.

I'm going to go ahead and choose this new feature amount dropdown inside of the amounts preset within Finance on Action Page Builder and then I'm going to choose “popular.”

And so now you'll see whenever the donor loads this page, it's going to say, oh, this is popular.

And if you have any suggestions on what other labels might be helpful, please let us know.

Send us a note to our customer experience team. We're looking for new possibilities that can be tested there.

But just note this doesn't select the amount. It's just highlighting it, right? It's just featuring it.

So that's featured amount and you're looking at Action Page Builder.

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Action Pages: bulk update your pages

Quick update for you in the Action Pages area.

You can now bulk update. So you can bulk pause, bulk schedule on and off pages.

So if you have times of the year that you need to have your pages turned off where you cannot raise money during that time, you can schedule that.

So if I use the bulk selection tool here, or if I just pick and choose a few, I can either schedule on or off.

So I can say, hey, this page needs to be off starting on this date and then it can be turned back on after this other date.

You can do that using the schedule in bulk. You can also manually just pause pages, you know, turn them off, turn them back on at once.

So that's the bulk pause, unpause, schedule on off update for you.

Let the team know if you have any questions. We're here to help.

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