Keep supporter data safe and secure

Anedot is protected by industry-leading security measures. Our team of security experts continually keeps watch over the platform, ensuring the safety of your supporters’ data.
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Our commitment to your privacy

When we started Anedot in 2010, we made the decision to build the platform with an emphasis on privacy. More than a decade later, we are at the forefront of privacy-focused technology.

Beyond the technology we use, we hold ourselves to this commitment to you and your donors: We will never sell, swap, license, or use your personal information. Your information is safe with Anedot.

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"Anedot has streamlined the process of receiving online donations to minimize the amount of manual input for both the donor and the organization. One other thing that I truly love is their stand on personal and account privacy. Anedot charges for the service of performing a transaction. They do not re-sell personal data or donor information to outside companies. Anyone donating through Anedot can be confident they are not giving out personal data that will then be used for telemarketing or specific targeted services."
Jon B.
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Safeguards and certifications

Your data on Anedot is always protected using industry-leading security measures.


Trusted by more than 30,000 nonprofits, schools, churches, and campaigns

I’ve used Anedot with two political campaigns and have found that donors enjoy the security and ease in donating and I can easily track it all seamlessly. Another pro is the flexibility and integration with other software tools.
Jason C.
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My donors feel a sense of security donating on this platform. I enjoy working with the team at Anedot.
Deborah O.
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The ability to have multiple funds, unlimited donors, automatic receipting, recurring donations...every one of this company's listed benefits are amazing, for no monthly or yearly subscription fee. Couple that with their amazing privacy statement, and customer service that is ready to help you whenever needed, and willing to customize things for your use. That is a company in a class of themselves.
Jonathan B.
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