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How it works

Anedot customers can now easily accept Bitcoin and stay compliant without any additional effort.

Anedot automatically converts Bitcoin to fiat in realtime so accepting Bitcoin is no different than any other payment method!

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How much does it cost to receive donations with Bitcoin?

Anedot is free to use - there are no contracts, no monthly fees, and no hidden charges. Organizations only pay a small processing cost on transactions. Take a look at our pricing to learn more about the processing fees.

All Bitcoin donations are charged a 1% transaction fee.

Are Bitcoin donations refundable?

Because Bitcoin donations are immediately converted to USD, donations are not refundable.

Can Bitcoin donations be voided?

Because Bitcoin donations are immediately converted to USD, it is not possible to void the transaction.

How will Bitcoin donations show up in reports?

Bitcoin donations will appear identical to other transactions, but instead of displaying a card brand or bank name/logo, transactions will display the Bitcoin name/logo.

How will chargebacks be handled with Bitcoin?

There are no chargebacks with Bitcoin donations as they are a permanent on chain transaction.

Are Bitcoin donations anonymous?

Bitcoin donations are not anonymous as they are a permanent on chain transaction tied to a public wallet address.

How do staff verify transactions via payment method information? (IE last four)

Your staff can verify transactions by looking at donor details.

Can a donor send from any Bitcoin wallet/address?

Yes, organizations can receive Bitcoin donations from any wallet that supports BTC transactions.

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