7 reasons your church should be using recurring giving

Does your church use online giving? How about recurring giving? Here are 7 reasons why your church should be using recurring giving.


Though often overlooked, recurring giving is an important part of a church’s overall giving strategy.

Church survey data shows “the ability to accept automatic, recurring donations” was the most important factor of churches exceeding their annual budgets with tithes and offerings.

If your church is not using recurring giving, here are 7 reasons why you may want to start now.

1. Recurring giving is free on Anedot

Recurring giving is free on Anedot

With Anedot, there are no platform fees or monthly platform costs.

Simply use Anedot’s features to increase your church’s online giving. If you are an Anedot customer, just add recurring giving to your Action Page to get started.

2. Recurring giving is easy

Recurring giving is easy

Truly a “one-and-done” solution for givers, recurring giving allows your church family to easily set their giving amount, frequency, and payment source from anywhere, at any time, on any device. That is easy! 

3. Recurring giving is convenient

Recurring giving is convenient for churches

No more fumbling for a credit/debit card on Sunday morning or accidentally forgetting on Sunday night. With the convenience of automatic recurring giving, your church family will thank you.

4. Recurring giving is familiar

Church members are familiar with recurring giving

Making purchases online has changed a lot over the past 10 years. One change that is now familiar to many is recurring charges. Whether groceries, entertainment, or your favorite Amazon product, your church family is familiar with automatic payments. 

5. Recurring giving increases total giving

Recurring giving increases overall giving

With over 1,000 churches participating, 2017 survey data shows the #1 common denominator of churches who meet or exceed their annual budget is recurring giving. 

Additionally, online giving statistics show that those who set up recurring gifts give 42% more annually, compared to one-time donations. Recurring giving can make a significant impact on your church’s giving and budget.

6. Recurring giving helps forecast giving

Recurring giving helps forecast giving dynamics in churches

Recurring giving helps church leaders to better forecast and understand giving dynamics within their church.

Because recurring gifts are more predictable than non-recurring gifts, forecasting and budgeting ministry will be more accurate. 

7. Recurring giving helps in shepherding your church family

Recurring giving helps in shepherding church families

Recurring giving can help church leaders better care for their church family by showing a change in giving patterns.

A change in giving patterns will often indicate a serious life event or need (job loss, marital issues, financial strain, etc.). This is a great way to know when to follow up and care for your church family in times of crisis.

Get started with recurring giving

Get started with recurring giving in your church

Recurring giving is here to stay.

Churches who use online giving and recurring giving will not only increase giving but will care for their church family and steward their ministries in a deeper and more impactful way.

Get started today for free with Anedot.


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