The Anedot Difference: What Makes Our Donor Support Stand Out

Explore what sets Anedot apart from other donation platforms and our dedication to supporting donors.
Donor Support

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If you have visited Chick-fil-A, you have experienced a smiling employee telling you “My Pleasure” after they have helped you.

At Anedot, we have our own version of this, and it’s “Here to Help!”

While many companies have various cultural phrases, “Here to Help” is the first and most important value at Anedot.

We value creating lasting impact over short-sighted profit and lead by serving. This extends to the way that we approach Donor Support.

In a world of data sharing, we also approach personal information remarkably differently than most companies.

We have an unwavering commitment to privacy, another core value at Anedot.

We will never sell, swap, license, or use the personal information of you or your donors.

Your trust is our priority. In fact, we have an entire page on our website dedicated to privacy and security. 

At Anedot, we are always here to help and will never share your data and information with others.

Our platform

Anedot Action Pages Example

Our platform is unique among our peers. Anedot is both a payment processor and a donation platform for not-for-profit organizations.

Most donation platforms require you to set up a merchant account with a separate payment processor.

This often creates problems when you want to support your donors as it means very few items are self-service.

It can also limit the number of payment method options you can offer your donors, limiting donation revenue and hindering your mission.

Multiple payment options

With Anedot Action Pages, donors can choose to give via credit card, bank account (ACH), Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

You do not need separate accounts to collect each payment method.

We handle all of that for you!

Donation management

You can update a donor’s card expiration date, cancel their recurring donations, refund a donation, and send donors payment method update emails, all inside Anedot. 

Our credit card auto-updater is connected to the credit card brands to update cards for donors before they expire. 

Self-serve for donors

Donors can login to their DonorID inside our Donor Dashboard and manage all of their donations and payment methods.

If a donor does not want to create a DonorID, we provide a dedicated portal at that allows donors to request assistance at any time.

→ In this Anedot Learn session, learn tips and insights for successful donor prospecting from our conversation with Tim Bertram!

Our support team

Anedot Support Team

Our Support team are donor support experts. In fact, more than 60% of all requests our Support team takes care of are from donors.

If a donor sees a donation on their billing statement and is unsure of who it went to, the statement provides a phone number to Anedot’s support team.

If donors call during business hours, they will talk to a friendly knowledgeable U.S.-based Support Specialist that is “here to help.”

We do not outsource our Support or pass along the responsibility to chatbots. It may be old school, but we have tested it.

We have found our model of hands-on support helps you retain more donors and increases giving.

We have a 95%+ donor satisfaction rate from donors who received help from our Support team.

If you have ever provided donor support, you know that is unheard of. Donors appreciate that we solve their problems within 24 business hours and go the extra mile to reduce their effort.

This level of donor support is uncommon in the donation software space. In fact, most companies will not provide any donor support.

Instead, they will encourage you to reach out to the payment processor. Most payment processors are international organizations with a call center-like experience.

At Anedot you can trust that your donors will receive a personal hands-on experience that will solve their issue and endear them to your organization. 

To put it plainly, donors prefer Anedot.

We’re intentionally different than our peers and believe our way of integrating with your own donor support system saves you time and money.

Most importantly, it means your donors are more likely to give again, and your organization is more likely to fulfill its mission.

→ Learn about the different steps the Anedot Support team takes to ensure customer and donor satisfaction.

Here's what donors have said about the Anedot Support team:

Kelsey was very quick to respond to my email, she handled my billing changes with efficiency, and her service was stellar. I’m beyond satisfied. - Jacquii G.
D C. was quickly responsive, very clear and thorough in the communications sent, and really did complete work which included sending me a link to an organization which might have the information I needed. I was surprised and delighted by D.C.'s customer support skills and attitude. The level of customer support/customer facing that D.C. offered was just wonderful and is rare in today's world. Many, many thanks to D.C. and Anedot! - Laura M.
It was nice to have a real human being respond instead of AI so I could say what was needed without having problems with an automated system. - Dan J.
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→ Read testimonials of why 30,000+ organizations and millions of donors love Anedot, or get a demo today!
→ Read testimonials of why 25,000+ organizations and millions of donors love Anedot, or get a demo today!
→ Read testimonials of why 25,000+ organizations and millions of donors love Anedot, or request a consultation call today!
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