Anedot Named a Leader in the G2 Winter 2023 Report for Fundraising

We're excited to share that Anedot has been named a Leader by real users in G2’s Winter 2023 Fundraising Software category!
Anedot Named a Leader in the G2 Winter 2023 Report for Fundraising
About the guest:

Anedot has been named a Leader by real users in G2’s Fundraising Software category!

In addition to being rewarded as a Leader in the G2 Fundraising category, Anedot has also been given the "Easiest To Do Business With" award.

G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace where people can discover, review, and manage the software they need to reach their potential. 

Our customers left reviews in the G2 marketplace that described Anedot as a platform that is "the best choice for online donations" and that has "efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous staff."

These reviews played a huge role in allowing us to win these awards for Winter 2023.

Here are some recent reviews our customers left on our G2 profile

"Anedot has streamlined the process of receiving online donations to minimize the amount of manual input for both the donor and the organization. The ability to quickly create a professional donation page and immediately receive gifts is fantastic. The tools available for the organization for tracking and proper allocation of funds are also just what is needed. Though all of that is amazing, better yet is the staff behind the scenes within Anedot. If you have a specific need within your organization, they are willing to listen to your needs and look into how they can help you accomplish your goals. They are not just selling a service but constantly updating systems and increasing their simplicity. They are also very involved in requesting input for future updates and feature requests, which is fantastic.

One other thing that I truly love is their stand on personal and account privacy. Anedot charges for the service of performing a transaction. They do not re-sell personal data or donor information to outside companies. Anyone donating through Anedot can be confident they are not giving out personal data that will then be used for telemarketing or specific targeted services.

Last on my list that I can think of now is the lack of an Annual service fee or monthly charge. Anedot charges a small transaction fee; however, there is no exuberant secondary cost for their service and the use of all of their tools."
"It is easy to use for our donors and has proven to bring in higher revenue by it ease of use in mobile devices and its upsell features through our own testing."
"Very pleased with our experience. Easy setup. We are a church, and they worked with us to get setup during restricted meeting times. Dashboard is easy to navigate. Option to ask donors to cover card (platform) costs is easily accessible, but not obtrusive."

Thank you to our amazing customers, our hardworking team, and G2 for this special recognition! 

→ Read testimonials of why 20,000+ organizations and millions of donors love Anedot, or sign up for an account today!


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