19 Blog Post Ideas for Your Nonprofit

Let’s make it easy. Try one of these 19 blog post ideas, so your nonprofit can spend less time brainstorming and more time dedicated to furthering your mission.
Blog Post Ideas

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At Anedot, we know how much work it takes to run your nonprofit, including keeping up with your blog.

A nonprofit’s blog is crucial to earning traffic, engaging with potential volunteers, and compelling donors to give. 

But coming up with ideas for your blog takes time: a scarce and valuable resource for organizations.

So, we have compiled a list of 19 blog post ideas for your nonprofit blog.

These engaging topics help you share about the good work you do, and you can spend more time dedicated to furthering your organization’s mission.  

1. Make use of visuals 

Make use of visuals

Our first blog idea centers your post around visuals, specifically infographics. Infographics communicate loads of information in an easily consumable format.

Including visuals in your nonprofit's branding like infographics engage your audience in a way written text doesn’t.

Plus, they’re a great way to show growth, achievements, and other measurable ways your nonprofit makes a difference. 

2. Interview a donor

Bring a donor in to highlight their role in the success of your organization.

No nonprofit exists without a group of donors selflessly backing the cause.

By hearing from your donors –– and allowing others to hear from them too –– you better understand how to ask for donations and why they love to support your organization, and your readers might find that they want to support you too. 

3. Explain why your cause matters

Have you ever written a post explaining to readers why your nonprofit matters? Often, people are unaware of the problems or crises your nonprofit addresses.

By writing about your cause in your blog, you increase awareness and bring in others who can support your work. 

4. Share updates and victories 

blog post idea for nonprofits: share updates

We all love a story of triumph and progress, especially regarding nonprofits.

Use your blog to share updates and celebrate what your nonprofit has been able to accomplish.

Blogs are a fantastic way to keep your audience updated on your organization even if they don’t subscribe to your newsletters. 

5. Bring in a guest blogger 

Ask another nonprofit leader or an authority in your field to write a blog post for your site. Guest bloggers bring a fresh voice and perspective to your site.

Their contributions can also expand your digital reach, connecting you with new audiences.  

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6. Answer FAQs

Volunteers, donors, and other folks interested in your organization have questions. Preemptively answer and address them in your blog.

Asking questions and providing thoughtful answers engages your readers and encourages them to learn more about your nonprofit. 

7. Write about a day in the life of your organization 

blog post idea for nonprofits: day in the life

We all want a peek behind the curtain of the causes we support.

Write about a typical day at your organization; bring your donors and volunteers into the office or on the field.

This creates intimacy and a deeper connection with your readers, which encourages greater support for your org. 

8. Share industry news 

Your nonprofit doesn’t exist in a vacuum. All your efforts are part of a larger story that changes lives and communities.

Share industry news with your followers through your blog.

Connect your cause to other causes worldwide to emphasize that it takes a village to bring about change. 

9. Highlight partner organizations 

blog post idea for nonprofits: highlight partner organizations

Collaboration breeds success, especially in the nonprofit sector.

Highlight partner organizations in your blogs to increase their forward momentum as well as your own.

United Way does a great job of bringing attention to its partners.

When you do this through your blog posts, you can improve your web traffic through specific SEO for nonprofits; broaden both your and your partner org’s network of support; and bring awareness to the work you’re both doing, proving that we can do much when we work together. 

10. Share cultural connections 

At the core of every nonprofit is the community of people they serve.

Your blog is a perfect place to connect your donors and supporters with your organization’s beneficiaries, especially if the two groups come from different cultural backgrounds. 

Sharing cultural connections increases empathy and stewardship from your support base toward those you serve. 

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11. Explain your programs 

Individuals just learning about your nonprofit want and need to know what you’re all about, including your programming.

Explain your programs in your blog. This allows newcomers to your cause to see the day-to-day ways you’re making a difference, and it’ll encourage them to hop on board with you. 

12. Cultivate empathy and provide insight into need 

The list of nonprofits never ends.

Many organizations lack the funding and support they require simply because people aren’t aware of the immense need associated with the nonprofit.

Provide insight into the needs of the people or communities you serve. Teach your base how your organization meets those needs, then invite them to play a part. 

13. Share a success story 

The most successful nonprofits understand the impact of an individual’s story and share their story of success with their support base. Your blog is the ideal medium to share success stories in detail. 

Blog posts provide the space for you and your team to delve into stories: your nonprofit’s most engaging, compelling tools.

Unlike on your socials, blogs are meant to require time to read through. People come to your blog to learn and be inspired.

Sharing success stories on your blog does just that. 

14. Explain how you use donor funds 

blog post idea for nonprofits: explain how donations are used

Transparency is increasingly important in today’s nonprofit culture.

Donors want to know where –– and for whom –– their resources are being spent.

Your blog allows you to regularly and in great detail explain how your organization uses donor funds to accomplish your purposes. 

Your donors want to know they can trust you. Prove to them that they can, and you’ll find you have no problem with donor engagement and retention

15. Outline your events

Nonprofits rely on events to stir interest and awareness and bring in much-needed funding for their work.

Outline upcoming events with a blog post. Your events should have their own page on your site or their own post on your social channels.

But when you write a blog post outlining your events, you not only get to share logistical details.

You also get to share with readers how your upcoming event shapes the trajectory of your nonprofit’s impact.

And when readers can grasp a sense of how a single event can fund meaningful projects, they are more likely to be moved to action. 

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16. Recap your events 

And once your events are done, give a recap.

Acquire data if possible and share with your readers. For example, if you hosted a gala, how much funding did you bring in?

Translate those funds into practical methods of measurementFeeding America does this well: $1 equals 10 meals.

Give your support base a picture of how their donations are used to change lives. 

17. Introduce your staff 

Every successful nonprofit is home to a team of hardworking, passionate individuals.

People want to know the force behind your nonprofit. Your blog allows you to introduce your staff to your supporters, volunteers, and donors. 

Blogging staff interviews and introductions build a connection with your readers that brings them closer to your cause. 

18. Share about volunteers 

blog post idea for nonprofits: volunteers

Your staff aren’t the only ones that keep the ship righted. You know that your volunteers are priceless. 

Share them and their hard work with your site visitors. 

Writing a blog post about your volunteers highlights their value and roles within your organization.

But it also shows readers that they too can take part in your mission on a volunteer basis. 

19. Write about what compels you to serve in your nonprofit

Lastly, use your blog to share your heart.

As we discussed above, there are endless opportunities for you to serve in nonprofits.

Why do you choose to work with your organization? Write a blog post describing why you’re compelled to serve in your nonprofit? What is it that sets this mission apart from others? What about your nonprofit gets you excited? 

When you write from a personal perspective, readers learn empathy and understanding, which compels them to learn more about your nonprofit and potentially serve or donate. 

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Closing thoughts on blog post ideas

closing thoughts on blog post ideas

A great nonprofit blog will increase awareness, support, and, ultimately, funding for your organization.

With these 19 blog post ideas for your nonprofit, we hope you can dive right into writing posts that benefit your organization.

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