How Anedot Saves You Time and Money with Powerful Giving Tools

Here are 6 ways Anedot saves you time and money to let you focus on what really matters: the people who support your cause.
Save time and money with powerful giving tools

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When you think of donation platforms, you probably don’t think about saving time.

However, every part of fundraising takes time.

And the more time you spend on administrative tasks, the less time you have to build relationships with donors. 

Reducing the amount of time you’re spending trying to negotiate a new contract, building a perfect donation page, or changing a donor’s recurring donation amount, the more time you can spend on other activities.

Here are 6 ways Anedot saves you time and money to let you focus on what really matters: the people who support your cause.

Action Pages: easily create donation pages and lead pages

Anedot Action Pages Screenshot

With Anedot Action Pages, you can easily create beautiful, custom-branded pages to drive action from your supporters.

No more asking a developer to build your page, or settling for a payments page that isn’t built for giving.

If you are familiar with email marketing software like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, then Anedot will feel right at home.

Everything inside the page builder is “what you see is what you get” - where you can click an item and change it. 

We support two type of Action Pages: donation pages and lead pages:

  1. Donation pages can be used for any fundraising initiative where you are collecting a donation.
  2. Lead pages can be used for check-ins, petitions, surveys, and more. It’s collecting any information that isn’t tied to a donation.

With donation pages, you can use Upgrades to encourage supporters to change their gift to automatically occur monthly.

We also make it easy to collect recurring gifts and share your page with QR Codes or SMS keywords

→ Recurring giving is one of the best ways for any nonprofit to build a sustainable giving fund. Learn how your nonprofit can use recurring giving!

No contracts, straightforward pricing

Anedot Pricing

Being forced to sit with a salesperson to walk through a slide deck or a piece of software isn’t fun.

Anedot doesn’t operate that way. In fact, we don’t even have salespeople.

When you ask to see a demonstration of our product, we send you a few short videos to explain how the product works. If you like it, you can sign up with no commitments.

If you need more information, you can schedule a consultation call with one of our Success or Support team members.

They will use their experience of working with real customers to answer your personal questions, not try to sell you on anything. 

When you sign up for Anedot, our success is your success.

We don't have contracts, monthly or annual fees, or hidden integration fees.

Churches and ministries pay 3% + $0.30 per transaction, other 501c3’s pay 3.3% + $0.30 per transaction, and all other organizations pay 4% + $0.30 per transaction.

This covers Anedot paying Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, etc. for processing the donation too.

→ Learn more about our pricing by visiting our pricing page!

Donor Covers Fees

On the Anedot platform, many customers do not pay any processing fees with our Donor Covers Fees feature.

Our Donor Covers Fees option allows you to make the fee optional or required, and clearly explains to the donor how much in fees they are paying to complete their gift.

Data portability and donor privacy

Anedot Data Portability and Donor Privacy

Anedot does not share or sell your data.

We take privacy and security very seriously and have an entire page on our website dedicated to it.

We also believe you should be able to use any other software that’s best for your organization.

We have native integrations with dozens of software companies including HubSpot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Quickbooks, and Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge.

Anedot Data Export

If you want to export your data to a CSV, we make that easy as well.

Using our Finance area, you can view and filter all of your data inside the Anedot platform.

Once you’ve filtered the data you’re looking for, you can click "Export."

→ When evaluating online donation platforms, there are a few things you should consider. Learn about payment processors, hidden fees, and more by watching our YouTube video: The Hidden Fees and Pains of Online Donation Platforms


Anedot Integrations

Many companies charge for “premium” integrations. We do not do that at Anedot.

Within 10 seconds after a donation is made, we automatically send the information collected from that donation to the other software platform you have connected.

You can also set up custom fields and hidden fields to pass through data related to your marketing initiatives.

You can see our entire list of active integrations here.

If we don’t have a native integration, we also have an official Zapier app that allows you to build your own connections using Webhooks. 

Best in class donor support

Anedot Donor Support

We believe in handling your problem promptly and do not believe donor support is only your problem.

We have a fully U.S.-based Support team that helps both customers and donors resolve their problems quickly. Our goal is same-day resolution.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. We are one of the top-rated fundraising software platforms on both G2 and Capterra

When a donor needs help, they can simply go to and let us know what they need. From there, our team solves their issue.

We also work with our customer’s support team to ensure all donor needs are met.

This saves you a lot of time worrying about making sure donors needs are met quickly.

→ Learn how donor engagement can help your organization retain donors and increase impact.

Save time and money with powerful giving tools

Anedot Action Page Screenshot

At Anedot, we are focused on providing the best possible experience for both you and your donors.

That saves you time and money, and allows you to focus on your relationships with donors.  

80 Community Service Ideas for Nonprofits Guide

80 Community Service Ideas for Nonprofits

Get the rest of the 80 community ideas for nonprofits by downloading our free guide below!
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→ Increase generosity and giving with Anedot's free online giving for churches.
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→ Read testimonials of why 30,000+ organizations and millions of donors love Anedot, or get a demo today!
→ Read testimonials of why 25,000+ organizations and millions of donors love Anedot, or get a demo today!
→ Read testimonials of why 25,000+ organizations and millions of donors love Anedot, or request a consultation call today!
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