Political Marketing: 5 Ways to Use QR Codes

Learn about the five ways campaigns and organizations can use QR codes for political marketing.
Political marketing QR codes
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A political marketing strategy is crucial for winning.  


Political marketing helps candidates gain public support and raise more money.

One of the most common forms of political marketing is in-person events.

Some examples of in-person events are door-knocking, rallies, fundraiser events, and speaking engagements.

At these events, it's important to provide avenues for supporters to take action.

The best way to do this is to direct supporters to your campaign website or donation page.

But, you must execute this in a strategic way. You must make it easy for supporters to land on your website.

Enter, QR codes.

QR codes make it easy for supporters to land on your website since all it requires is a simple tap in the camera app.

If you'd like to learn more about QR codes before reading this post, check out our blog post: How Do QR Codes Work?

Five places to use QR codes for political campaigns

  • Fundraising receptions
  • Business cards
  • Podium sign
  • Direct mail
  • Television advertisements

Learn how to use QR codes for:

1. Use QR codes at fundraising receptions

Use QR codes at fundraising receptions

QR codes are a great alternative to credit card swipers.

Instead of using physical credit card swipers, you can display a QR code on an accessible TV or a poster.

Then, the people in line at the event can scan the QR code on their smartphones and easily type in their credit card information.

This has many benefits.

It's ideal for good hygiene, as you aren't passing a cell phone between a ton of people.

Also, it's great to avoid a long line since you aren't relying on 1-2 people to scan cards. In this scenario, a donor would show you their receipt at the door indicating they have paid.

In many ways, using QR codes are the most efficient way to allow donors to pay at the door!

2. Make business cards with QR codes

Make business cards with QR codes

If a political candidate wants people to be able to access a website to learn more about them at an event, use QR codes!

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to hand out business cards that have QR codes.

The front side can display the candidate's contact information. And, the backside can display a QR code that links to the candidate's fundraising page.

This makes it easy for potential supporters to access the political candidate's website or donation page.

Someone is far more likely to scan a QR code than type a URL on a smartphone.

3. Display QR codes on podium signs

Display QR codes on podium signs

If a political candidate has frequent events, then there's a good chance they will want a podium sign with their logo on it.

For smaller events, you can use a QR code for the same purpose.

Imagine having the QR code in the bottom right quadrant of a podium sign.

Or, you can even place the logo in the middle and use the QR code for the entire podium sign.

See the example of the QR code below:

QR code mockup

This is another way you can make it easier for supporters to access a website or donation page!

4. Place QR codes in direct mail

Place QR codes in direct mail

Direct mail is often used for both political persuasion messaging and fundraising efforts. QR codes can be used in the same way!

For direct mail pieces focused on awareness or persuasion, a QR code can be used to allow an interested voter to learn more about a candidate.

This could include information that would not fit on the direct mail piece.

It's often time-consuming for volunteers or staff to input returned credit card donations that are written on a paper form.

Using QR codes in direct mail automates credit card input, which saves a lot of time in comparison to the traditional paper form method.

Many platforms, including ours at Anedot, also allow for ACH donations too.

By encouraging a donor to use the QR code, you're saving yourself a lot of headaches later on.

→ Learn how to use texting to improve direct mail fundraising

5. Include QR codes in television advertisements

One of the biggest advantages digital political advertisements have over television is their ability to drive people to take action.

With TV ads, a campaign can speak to a voter, but the voter has no way to speak back.

With QR codes, the voter has the ability to easily interact with online content through the TV ad.

This can be implemented by ensuring the QR code is on the screen for the last portion of the ad, so the viewer has enough time to scan the code.

Closing thoughts

QR codes for political campaigns

With Anedot's QR code generator, political campaigns and organizations can easily create QR codes for their fundraising initiatives.

We built a QR code generator right into our Action Pages product. This means that every Action Page you create on our platform has a unique QR code.

These unique QR codes can be used to direct supporters straight to your landing pages from fundraising receptions, business cards, podium signs, direct mail, television advertisements, and more!

If you'd like to learn more about our QR code generator, check it out here.

And, if you think Anedot would be a good fit for your team, get started today for free!


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